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Quilting machines from DAHMEN like the
STEPPOMAT , ECOMAT , QUILTTRONIC , FASTTRONIC and CHAINTRONIC cover the entire range of double lock-stitch and double chain-stitch machines and are used in many different applications.

Independent of:
Filling material, thread, material width, material thickness, applications, pattern, needle positions, sewing type
(lock-stitch/chain-stitch), target productivity, batch size and order size and pre- and postprocessing equipment.

DAHMEN will offer you an optimzed solution for your manufacturing environment. Our customers produce from small batch sizes in a 1-shift, 5 days per week schedule up to large campaigns in a 3-shift, 7 day production schedule. They value their DAHMEN quilting machines as they run effectively, reliable, efficiently and produce high-quality consistently.

We are also prepared for your specific requirements regarding pre-quilting and post-quilting processes. Whether you work with a carding machine or feed the quilting machine with rolls and even if you use perfectly pre-cut material - DAHMEN machines can be integrated in your manufacturing process easily.
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