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The FASTTRONIC 2 is DAHMEN´s most advanced multineedle lock-stitch quilting machine. It contains all the best features and technologies from DAHMEN´s wide range of quilting machines and long-time experience within the industry.

 DEVELOPED FOR 3-SHIFT-PRODUCTION                                                                                  

The following innovations highlights the main characteristics and makes the FASTTRONIC 2 to the worldwide most productive lock-stitch machine with 1" needle spacing:


Speed FTD2

Average Quilting Speed

Stitches per minute

 2mmPresserplatte 10mm

Press Plate Adjustment

Easy and tool-free adjustment of the press plate height by using the hand wheel even during quilting

High Pattern Precision

by the use of pneumatic needle spreader that improves the sewing precision of difficult pattern significantly.



New developed shuttle drive "EVOLUTION 2" for less wear and tear


High Reliability

Optimized top-thread guiding down to the needles for a higher reliablity and stitch quality even at extreme quilting speed.


Please find additonal technical details in our product brochures.