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 What is a chain-stitch?                                   
The double chain-stitch is formed from a multiple intertwining
of the top and lower thread. The lower thread is not entirely 
sent through a top thread loop as opposed to the double lock-
stitch. That allows to use big size yarn spools on both sides
and therefore significantly more capacity versus bobbins in
the lock-stitch process.
The relation of the top thread to the lower thread consumption
is 1:2.
A typical application is the mattress manufacturing as this
industry often requires high productivity and the lower side
of the seam (chain) is hidden inside the mattress.

Kettenstich Stichart
- Use of spools for the lower thread with a capacity of
  up to 40.000 m

- Higher quilting speed up to 1.400 stitches / minute
- More elastic stitch versus the lock-stitch
- Automatic top thread trimming
- Direct monitoring of the lower thread